Admission Procedure 2022-23
M.Sc. Entrance Exam 2022 – 23
  • Admission Open for - A.Y. 2022-23 - 1)M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics 2)M.Sc. Textile Science & Apparel Design 3)Bachelor of Commerce
  • Admission Open 2022-23
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  • We are all familiar with the saying that “Where there is a will, there is a way” and an individual with a strong will, will succeed. It is the success which makes women contribute to continuing changes, shapes as well as determine the destiny of human beings and contribute to the growth of civilization.

    Intends to focus its attention to women empowerment, forming their character and personality to face the challenges of the contemporary times.

    Women are full of vigor, energy, enthusiasm, creativity and idealism. Women are the greatest wealth of any nation or community and we are greatly concerned about their growth and contribution. Let there be poetry in your hearts to fly high on the wings of imagination and dreams. Let you the courage to convert those dreams into reality.

    Over the years we have witnessed spectacular rise on every educational parameter. With this fast growing and changing environment in mind we are grooming ourselves and rapidly moving on a path of excellence, to response to the ever increasing demands of the society and nation.

    As our career oriented curriculum system are built by putting together best practices from the best institutions around the globe. We aim to do our best and require your cooperation to make this educational organization reach its targeted mission.


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